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Forms of workers control

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Labor controls take various forms.
Use of goons- sometimes it is seen that employers use 'goons' to control the workers. They are threatened with dire consequences if they speak against the employer or try to form unions.

Regular monitoring: For instance in Bangladesh, in the apparel and footwear industry, all workers are trained on what to be said when inspectors of Global Unions come. Every worker, even if younger than 18 would claim her/his age to be above 18 all the time. Because they are prepared. When I went for a research at the shelter of the workers, , the first thing that worker asked me was if I was from the employer. When I said, he told me that the employer send people to ask them questions regularly to monitor how and if they are responding well or not.
Use of Media to build opinion: Also 'Media' is increasingly used to create an opinion that strikes are anti-development which creates a strong public opinion against the workers and any form of unionism. Media is paid off to write anti-union articles.

Other forms include, repression of unionists, no enforcement of laws etc.

In India, besides spontaneous strikes, the workers also engage in tactics like 'slow down' of production process. Shop floor organizing, and 'tools down'.


almost 2 years ago

Your story was quit interesting and alarming. Thank you for sharing.

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