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Lines inside and out


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Lines delineate the outside from the inside. Dark vertical lines against the horizontal landscape. This is where I live, and I love it that I have a view of blue skies, full moons, and the mountain where my brother's ashes were scattered.


over 3 years ago

Hi Madi! You do really have a beautiful view. I can only imagine how happy you are whenever you peer out and see the skies! :)

over 3 years ago

Hi Eunice, yes, I live in the city ( Quezon City, Philippines). Looking upward is better here because there is much traffic and dirt down below. Its the best view next to going out of town where nature is. (:

over 3 years ago

I love this sentence: 'Lines delineate the outside from the inside' , is very symbolic ;)
By the way, beautiful view <3

over 3 years ago

Hi Gemma, sorry for late reply, and thanks for the comment. Hope to see your work too. (:

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