Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

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Let´s start with...YOURSELF! Or: Switch in your role as a customer!

Track your own behavior in respect to the new marketing reality for the next 2 weeks

A key element to successful marketing is understanding our customers and how to reach them. In the end, it´s always people - no matter whether B2C or B2B - we are marketing to. Yet, let´s face it, we sometimes tend to forget that there are real people behind the screens. Therefore we do things that we would - if we were our own customers - easily identify as, well ... "not the best option“.

Therefore, we ask you to look at the new marketing reality from your perspective as a customer (no matter whether B2C or B2B).

You can use these questions as your guideline and get some inspirations of what to look at:

1. The demise of classic online communication
- (Let´s be honest:) Are you using an ad blocker? And if so, why?
- How often do you feel annoyed by banner ads and/ or click them by accident?
- Are there classic display banners that positively caught your attention and why so?

2. Search vs. social
- When do you turn to search, when do you turn to social? What intent or trigger is behind each use?
- When you have spare time: Do you rather turn to search or social?
- In which context do you use different social networks = is there a pattern why are you there, what do you use it for and in which mood are you while using it?
- Which of these 12 social media types describes you?!

3. Always on and truly mobile
- When you use two screens at once: Is their usages related or unrelated? What exactly do you do?
- Is there a difference when you use search on desktop vs mobile?
- Do you read emails or access websites with your smartphone that are not mobile optimized? If yes, why?

4. The new role of customer service & experience
- Did you have any negative experience with a company? What did they do and how did it change your perception of them?
- Did you you have a great experience with a company? What did they do and how did it change your perception of them?

5. The rise of the external sales force
- Do you rely on any kind of third party information while researching for something you want to buy or consume? If so, why and what is it?

6. The new platform economy
- How much online time do you spend „outside the platform economy“?
- If you bought something "physical", do you buy it through someone else but Amazon or Alibaba? If not, why?

7. Overall shifts
- What caught your attention from a brand you did not know before? How did they do that?
- In case you have not yet figured out what Facebook thinks your interests are, you can do that now!
- In case you have not yet figured out what Google knows about you, you can do that now!

Journal #1

  1. Yes I do have an ad blocker because I find pop ups very annoying. I don't really get annoyed with banners ads, I've learn to ignore them. I actually don't have a classic display banner that has positively caught my attention that I could think of.

  2. I turn to search for I would say "facts" for example if I were buying a radio, I would want to read what are the "facts" about this product and look up the company's site maybe. I turn to social definitely right after, have to see if all they are saying is really a "fact" or not. Maybe I look for the cons when I decide to turn to social. When I have spare time I usually turn to social. It's more fun I guess and when I decide to randomly look at the time, hey 4 hours passed! I've realized I use social networks right before going to bed the most. I check my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, then Facebook. Leaving Facebook last because I know I will watch a few videos and read a few articles. I use them all to know about the latest trends, and what is going on. You learn about things you never even thought about and somehow it's interesting! Out of the 12 social media types I would have to say that I'm a denier.

  3. I actually use three screens and they are unrelated. One for email, one for one project, and the other for another project. Wait let's not forget my phone screen as well checking Groupon for a nice massage. I definitely feel like there's a difference between search on a desktop vs mobile. Maybe mobile is more straight forward? Yes I have used my smartphone for not mobile optimized websites and it's because my phone is already in my hand and my computer is a farther reach.

  4. I had an issue with an airline and obviously to threaten them I told them I would tweet it to all my friends and hashtag that they were bad. I received a direct message from them and they weren't helpful nor tried to fix the problem. They went and reported all my tweets to be deleted, which they were. Yet those hashtags are still trending! My great experience with a company would be in a restaurant back in Baltimore. The waiter would come and introduce himself as well as saying that if I checked in on Facebook that I was there, they would give me free BACON! Oh my god I was so happy! Like wow I can do this right now, my phone is already in my hand, Facebook was already opened, and free bacon! I thought it was an awesome way to get customers to check in and basically advertise for them. Very clever.

  5. Yes I rely on the reviews before I buy something. I wouldn't say consume though. Reading the reviews helps me think "Is this worth it?" right before I check out and pay for the product.

  6. I would say that I spend very little time outside the platform economy. I'm usually working so I really just participate right before bed. It would depend on what I bought to know where I bought it. If it's something that I could get down the street and not pay for shipping, then I rather just go to the store. I feel like that would make me a lazy person or a couch potato.

  7. Well I'm a huge make up fan and I've learned about a few brands through Instagram lately. They now have ads that are full videos with tutorials or big time youtubers testing out their product. As I'm scrolling, I see a video, I'm expecting a video from a friend. But then wow, this product looks cool! Then I thought wait who posted this, and see that it was the company itself, just an ad.

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