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Chapter 4 Journal Activity

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Ratio or Divine Spirit


Trust Blake to see Stonehenge primarily as a feat of engineering hubris, while just about everyone else ever sees it as a mysterious assertion of the ineffable. I love Blake and of all people, he should have seen Stonehenge in an especially nuanced way. But I guess he perceived the astonishing trigonometry in the midst of primitive technology, so it became a sort of pre-figurative Ozymandias (sorry, Shelley) testifying to the rational ambition of its creators to put love in a golden bowl, even as it molders into the plains of Albion. I wonder if Blake, while following the ideological imperative of his own opus, felt more wonder than he expressed--If he had not been impressed with the henge, he would not have invested as much time and attention in it, nor linked it with the giant. With Katherine Bates, I think it would be very hard to celebrate Stonehenge without reflecting on the mysteries of time.

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