New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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It's time for your 1st & very important task

As you've learnt, the community aspect is very important in this course and when it comes to creating a NBM. So that you success with your model, follow the instructions below, submit your first assignment, copy the link into your discussion forum group and gather and share feedback in the course community.

  1. Think about your initial idea and write it down.

    Here are some additional thoughts for you: What is the community you would like to create or the community you would like to connect your business model to. Who are you going to make your business model for?

  2. Start this journal assignment and share your text with the course community.

  3. Read the instructions in the additional material section and choose a peer group you want belong to.

  4. Copy your link into the discussion thread of your peer group and gather and share feedback.

  5. Check out also other journals and give your colleagues some valuable feedback.

Energy on Demand


I would like to develop a New Business Model simulation wherein locally optimized Energy solutions can work as autonomous as possible, either off-grid, partially off grid of partially on grid and be economically as self-sufficient as possible. This model would need to accomodate current major centralized roles such as energy producer, energy supplier, grid operator, program responsible, in a decentralized, distributed manner with the possibility of peer-to-peer energy transactions. It would also need to allow technological actors to play the part of traditional roles, for example an Electric Vehicle could play part-time a role of program responsible, energy supplier, energy producer and also energy consumer. It does't need to be human roles all the time. I think blockchain could be one of the enablers to make these transactions work in a decentralized manner and accomodate both human and IoT type of actors. Supporting a local-first efficiency approach: if you can solve energy demand/supply optimization in a local 'island', than this would be preferably over transporting energy over large distances. So a NBM where energy transport is minimized (as efficient as possible: produce and consume the energy where and when one needs it as local as possible).


about 2 years ago

this sounds like a good plan to me. Are you sure you can accomodate all the necessary knowledge and 'centralized roles'?
In basis the plan sounds feasible and has a good fit with the models in this course. It is also something that would help or energy supply to become much more future proof.

about 2 years ago

Thx Guy! As for your concern, I am working in the energy sector and can access knowledge relatively easy. As for centralized roles I am more in favor of trying to distribute 'power' (in the broadest sense: physical and governance) in a more balanced way. This is where blockchain comes in because in a blockchain every connected party has equal rights; there is no central 'boss'. It could potentially become an enabler for a more democratized way of using the energy system, for example by enabling local peer-to-peer markets that more or less self optimize locally where possible.

I am looking for a theoretical approach (simulation) that might later be used to inspire real life pilots, proof of concept, experiments, innovations, field labs, living labs.

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