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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

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When, who how and why


Chapter two attempts to reflect on the biggest burden of archaeology. Finding concrete facts from the fragments of history we are able to unearth and interpret.
As to my personal extent of conviction, it is clear that the little that we do know is vague at best. The time period of construction having been aged via carbon dating provides a relatively accurate date range which leaves an implied group of people that could have been around to create Stonehenge. However, when it does come the the whom, there are alternate possibilities that while unlikely cannot be ruled out.
The numerous ways in which the stones may have been transported is dubious at best. Sadly it appears that so far there are no remains to indicate the routes or forms that people used to move the stones. I remain optimistic however, that there may be remains that we are yet to uncover which may provide a better indication in the future.
In regards to the reasons in which the monument was constructed, it would be most logical to assume that it served as a religious purpose. This is however, due to the lack of evidence for practical uses. Once again, it is important to keep searching for evidence that provides an indication as oppose to using the lack of evidence to make inferences.

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