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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Stonehenge in various contexts


It is important to look at Stonehenge in both the context of the surrounding landscape as well as analyzing the stones in their own right. Obviously if we only focus on the stones we cannot understand the nature in and for which they were constructed. However, in the same right, if we are putting everything into a larger context we may be missing important details or anomalies that we could only see by focusing solely on the stones out of any other context.
Additionally, it is not just the physical landscapes surrounding Stonehenge that need to be looked at, the ideas stated about the area being good hunting grounds are significant. This is due to the simple reality that in order to build such a monument, the extensive labor involved would assume some form of major surplus. Facilitating the needs of the workers who moved and raised the stones in regards to food, shelter and staving off the potential for injuries would have possible been another massive feat taken on by the organizers.

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