Corporate Digital Learning

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My (corporate) digital learning experiences

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We used blended learning setting to prepare the students for different types of in-class lessons. The combination of digital learning media includes:
• Text book
• Webinar
• Video
• Summary of valuable Websides
• The unit closed with an assessment (test, exercises, write a thread in the discussion-forum)

More and more students choose the way we offer. They can learn the units, when they have time and determine an individual pathway. We make progress in offering more interactive webinars and distribute video with a higher quality standard.

The biggest challenge for the team is to get the learning material fresh and hip. Students want the material always up to date.

We decided to implement more collaboration-oriented media and activities.

Digital learning must always include the opportunity of support and mentoring. The students have to ask an expert when they stuck and need counseling to acquire knowledge.


almost 3 years ago

We had a lot of feedback to our first flashcard course that we offered to our employees. Things like: I have successful finished the course but how can I get my certificate of completion? - We ansered each and any question directly and used the input to improve the flashcards. In the mentioned case for examble we recordes a 30 sec. screencast with camtasia and posted this video in a flashcard with hints how to work with flashcards. Now this question doesn't show up anymore.

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