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Help out Martina!

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Imagine Martina, a junior but enthusiastic project manager in her company’s marketing department. She was recently promoted to Senior Marketing Manager and Team Lead, supervising 3 other staff members she was previously colleagues with. Even though Martina is quite enthusiastic about her new position, she is also anxious about all the paperwork and new responsibilities. After the first few months, she is swamped with work, feeling shy to delegate and struggling to juggle her old tasks as a project manager on top of now reporting to management.

Martina’s boss feels she now needs to learn management and team leading skills, so she approaches her about getting trained. In order for the training to be effective, we need to identify her possible knowledge gaps and desired skills.

So think about what you want Martina to learn. How can you assess this and how do you want her to learn?

Start with the learning objective and design her training backwards. If you prefer to do this by hand, download the worksheet below.

1) What do you want/expect Martina to learn?
Formulate learning objectives and standards: What should Martina know, understand and be able to do by the end?

2) How will you know and make sure that Martina has learned it?
Determine assessment and impact measurement: How can Martina show what she has learned? What should she be able to demonstrate?

3) What learning experience do you want Martina to have?
Design instructions and decide on learning activities and content forms:
How do you want Martina to learn?


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1) What do you want/expect Martina to learn?
Martina should be able to:
a. Differentiate between her past role as a project manager and her new role as a manager in terms of functions, tasks, responsibility, managerial prerogative.

b. Prioritize and delegate tasks when it is necessary

c. Integrate her new tasks into her working schedule (time management, self management)

d. (optional & long-term) Motivate, develop and lead her team.

2) How will you know and make sure that Martina has learned it?
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3) What learning experience do you want Martina to have?
a. Self-paced e-learning comparing different role descriptions and perspectives (maybe small scenarios), e.g. a day as Project Manager, a day as Manager. Key is to differentiate find similarities and differences between the roles from the company´s perspective.

b & c: different options, among others:
1. Coaching with role plays in different situations, where management skills can be tried out. Participants: other junior managers. Time management training (classroom/blended).
or 2. Mentoring program (1 to 1) with a senior manager and self-monitoring with a learning diary. Learning diary is the base for the meetings.

For all three examples, some part of the learning experience or follow up can take place in an online learning environment, as well as the evaluation (if surveys are applied). If there were more junior managers in the company for example, they could follow up the course collaborating in a community of practice, where they share their obstacles and success stories applying what they had learned in the coaching.

d. long-term development program with different workshops and mentoring.


over 2 years ago

It is fascinating to see the range of techniques it takes to develop a manager: we go from self-paced learning to mentoring. Says something about what we can do with a "soft" topic using different media.

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