Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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Read this article and share your views with colleagues. Is the Australian "Pacific solution" against human rights? What do you think of Nauru and the other "prison islands"?

As always, you can share your view by writing in your own journal, but also commenting on what others have written.

Outsourcing asylum


The "Pacific solution" is clearly against human rights. The state does not assume its responsibility to protect asylum seekers and treat them in a decent and humane but instead it outsources these obligations.
The migrants are transferred to the off shore detention camps, in other sovereign states. In many cases the camps are administered by companies or organisations. Reports by Amnesty International have shown that the conditions in those centres are not the ones that should be. Moreover, the fact that many of the migrants are detained there for an undefined period of time is clearly a violation of human rights. In addition extended detention creates a lot of mental issues and traumas, making it even more difficult for migrants to have a normal life.
Although Australia's migration policy and asylum processing policy are the least questionable, they have been adopted by other countries as well. the detention centres in Libya crated in agreement with Italy first and with the EU later is a good example.

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