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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

Continuing the Story


Stonehenge has been a mystery for generations and although we may never have the complete story, we have at least begun to understand part of it. We have learned to take care of what's left of the monument and know that preservation of it is paramount if we wish future generation to experience it. Continued research and careful excavation will bring us closer to some of the answers that we seek. To continue with Stonehenge is to continue unraveling our own past both good and bad "Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" George Santayana We need to learn what we did right and what we did wrong. Stonehenge is such a major historical monument, that there are probably many, many lessons it has yet to teach us. It, along with surrounding monuments, will make students of us all. There is still much for the world to learn from this giant, and it will be up to this and future generations, to uncover what secrets lie within. That is how the story of Stonehenge will continue.

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