Visual Thinking for Business - Make Your Point

16 Oct 2015, 08:43 AM
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Bottles and Glasses

As you can see in this video, drawing a bottle is not so hard. Go ahead and try it out!
Draw different types and shapes of bottles, maybe add some glasses and also experiment with different pens and pencils.

enter image description here

Take a picture of it or scan it and then upload it in your journal. Don’t be shy to share your drawing with others.

Shapes and Shapes and Shapes

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This is really interesting. Putting shapes together makes all kinds of things. starting with one bottle I got a whole page full of wine :-)
I often turn my scrapbook to draw horizontal lines. Vertikal lines are easier for me. But I think with getting used to hold the pencil indifferently I get better in not turning my paper.

bootles and wine


Nice approach and nice variety! Try to do some sketches with very thin lines - so that you nearly don't see the object - then you can emphasize certain elements with little stronger lines...

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