Corporate Digital Learning

09 Mar 2016, 01:19 PM
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Share Your Story! ☝

Sharing My Story


Successes: I have been using videos in a collaboration -oriented media to learn and teach groups of young people. I have also been involved in providing skills in creating digital instructional materials using power point and green screen.
Benefits: the formats I have helped me to create a forum of interaction and learning from experienced professionals. There is always free access to learning materials and software plus texts. Via collaboration-oriented media, i have been able to build social capital via e-learning online. given opportunity to network and established supportive friends and mentors.
Challenges: identifying partners during collaborative media creation and learning is a big challenge. Work related schedules limit fast involvement and participation in digital learning and content creation process.
Recommendations: it is health for digital learners or participants to use the various formats offered by the facilitators because it gives a broader understanding of topics offered to learn.Engaging learners in collaborative and interactive mode of learning gives vast experiences to both learners and facilitators and builds trust and attraction to the course.

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