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»I have gained from the MOOC and changed my attitude to the digital learning methodology I am going to continue encouraging my fellow staff and management to create good environment that will a…

My story after completing the MOOC course

Kiberu John, 09 May 16

»Brainstorming: Need to know or learn The learner plus the entire company staff must try to engage in finding the need that leads one to study. There should be willingness to learn and improvin…

Trends of future digital leaning

Kiberu John, 09 May 16

»I wish we were a number of educators from Africa. It would help us form a learning hub that would helps to know more about our continent and countries in a collaborative approach. It would hel…

My learning Hub

Kiberu John, 14 Apr 16

»Gamification allows acquisition of knowledge, skills and basic competencies when learning is in a participatory nature. It involves learner’s personal experiences involving fun and participati…

Adding game elements to motivate Martina in her learning journey

Kiberu John, 12 Apr 16

»Knowing the agency or the need to for learning will keep me engaged in the learning process regardless of the formats and content before me. It is very interesting in the video when Hannes mad…

How to get employees excited about digital learning Unit 1 chapter 3

Kiberu John, 05 Apr 16

»How to help Martina create a culture of learning -Unit 3 chapter 2 The organization must first off all have a digital learning system to protect Martina fears and to have a good learning envi…

Technical and other implications Unit 4 Chapter 2

Kiberu John, 04 Apr 16

»1.Learning objectives: 1. To gain administrative skills to help Martina balance her roles and those of the 3 staff. 2. To gain assertive skills to help her communicate her decisions regardin…

Help Martina: Unit 3

Kiberu John, 27 Mar 16

»For the previous years, training needs analysis has not been considered in our organization but the trainings obtained by employees were based on the demand by the projects that were implement…

Knowledge Mapping: Unit 2

Kiberu John, 22 Mar 16

»Hi Florian, hope all is well. Thanks for picking interest in my Journal hopping to visit your soon. Let us continue learning together. following my submission on designing the digital learni…

Following Florian Teske

Kiberu John, 18 Mar 16

»Hello Roclo, Your question are very straight and clear. I liked so much your question of what department will be in-charge of the learning path and which budget set to do the task. I learn th…


Kiberu John, 17 Mar 16

Let'S us go Visual

Kiberu John, 17 Mar 16

»What would be considered when setting up learning goals for our learners? I also have a feeling that it is necessary to allow learners or employees to identify their learning needs even before…

Setting up Learning Goals

Kiberu John, 16 Mar 16