New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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It is time for a very important step: create your community

Identify the elements that are necessary for you to develop your own community. What is the scope? Are you creating a new community or using an existing community? Will this community be online or offline or will you use a combination of online and offline?

After you have identified all the elements, start looking for a limited number of people who will help you
elaborate your NBM, either on the internet or in your psychical environment.

Ask these people for feedback your value proposition and upload the feedback to your journal, where you can discuss it with your peers.

  1. Start this journal assignment and share your text with the course community.
  2. Read the instructions in the additional material section and choose a peer group you want belong to.
  3. Copy your link into the discussion thread of your peer group and gather and share feedback.
  4. Check out also other journals and give your colleagues some valuable feedback.

The Elements that are Necessary


have an expert in my team.
Identify effective means of installing solar power within the house or building
Make a questionnaire.
Make a list of manufacturers and distributors.
Distribute the questionnaire. Could ask the premises watchman to give it to the houses.
Collect or get the completed questionnaire collected.
Analyse what is required from the completed questionnaire.
Set up the solar power equipment with a payment plan.

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