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Solar Power, Flood and Drought Aversion Project


I am interested in creating a feasible solar power solution for Indian homes.
The objective of the business model is to:
Install solar power equipment in all income groups, particularly the lower income group levels.
Reduce dependency on LPG for cooking.
Reduce dependency on electricity.
Reduce dependency on petrol and diesel for vehicles.
This will provide employment and use renewable energy resources.
It will be a long term project that requires: expertise and commitment.

One more important need that I am interested to work upon is this:

Cloud seeding: The technology that enables clouds to be formed on the skies of drought hit areas. The artificial clouds created by man enables rain and can resolve the water crisis of drought hit areas.

Some new technology needed to neutralize hurricane creating clouds: This is meant to avert hurricanes and save property and lives.

I am interested in these ideas and would love to join or start with a project.


about 2 years ago

Hello Kavita,
You have an interesting idea. I am not to familiar with the Indian community.
In your goals you mention the reduction of dependency on LPG, petrol/diesel and electricity.
I think that there are two major goals underneath the surface:

I suggest you bring order of importance in your goals.
1st transition to renewables
2nd reduction of energy-consumption

Let me explain:
Both goals need a significant behavioral change. As your focus is on groups with lower income, I can imagine that people in these groups are willing to have access to energy for their day to day business and household. I don't know how easy it is for them to create this access, but I can imagine it is not too easy.
If so, getting them to reduce energy-consumption, will probably generate much resistance and you may loose the connection with the people.
So if you start in cooperation with these groups, to create access to renewables, and not being too keen on reduction, you can make a hugh difference in CO2 reduction. Besides you have the opportunitie to create a strong connectivity with the people. Later on, from this connectivity, you can start talking with them to reduce energy.

regards Michel

about 2 years ago

Hello Michel,
Certainly. a low cost solution is needed.
Thanks and regards.

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