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»The 21st Century will only expand our knowledge and appreciation of Stonehenge and the culture that built it, as we learn more and more through our ongoing studies of these sites.

The 21st Century

Karie Manton, 09 Mar 17

»Stonehenge is a uniquely British feature known worldwide and has been used as an icon to represent Britain in the same way as the Kremlin represents Russia or the Eiffel Tower represents Franc…

Stonehenge's effect on British Culture

Karie Manton, 07 Mar 17

»I am not convinced that any single theory explains the origin, purpose and use of Stonehenge. I believe the answer is multi faceted. This site evolved over time to become the place where a p…

When? By Whom? How? Why?

Karie Manton, 03 Mar 17

»The Stonehenge landscape is our first historical snapshot of British Mesolithic culture in this area. As we decode the physical clues left to us by examining the complete landscape our unders…

Stonehenge Landscape

Karie Manton, 01 Mar 17