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»Discoveries are continuing to be made adding to our knowledge of Stonehenge and its landscape and this will continue for a long time to come.

Stonehenge in the 21st century

karen Allen, 09 Mar 17

»Stonehenge influenced architecture in the 18th century. John Woods especially in his designs for the buildings in Bath

Stonehenge and its influence on British culture

karen Allen, 09 Mar 17

»His was the most detailed early account of the building of Stonehenge and this still affects peoples thinking to the present day

To what extent are Stonehenge Archaeologists still working in the shadow of Geoffrey of Monmouth

karen Allen, 09 Mar 17

»I feel the people who used stonehenge may well have thought it was a place of healing also a gathering place for various ceremonies throughout the year. Transporting the blue stones from Wale…

Why and how

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karen Allen, 24 Feb 17