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Step 2: Visualise Your Job

Now, in addition to your portrait, you want to add some information about your professional life.

The task is to draw what you are doing and working with and turn it into a pictograph. This can be products, services, people etc.

Remember the pictographs unit, and if you need help always check out https://thenounproject.com/.

I did it like this:
"I turned to the pictographs representing “what I do at work”. It is a wide selection of different lecture and presentation related icons, as well as icons for creativity and new ideas. Also traveling and filming is included, as well as the business model canvas, representing one of many tools I am teaching. Having to choose pictographs is not easy as it forces us to really reflect what we do and stand for and what we also want to communicate to other people. I ended up with more pictographs than I had planned but I rather include too many than too few."

enter image description here

What I do @ work


My work is to find ideas for different kind of communication strategies. So I spend most of my time searching for people who need help to find the right idea for their projects. According to their budget, time and objectives I try to find ideas that will suit their needs.




over 3 years ago

I like your personal style! It looks really clear and structured...without confusing elements which are not needed.

over 3 years ago

Thanks !

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