Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

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WHY are you doing the things you do?

Prioritizing your to-do-list by looking at WHY

Primer: This assignment consists of 2 options - choose 1:


Like most marketers, you will have an overwhelming to do list. To help you prioritize it and maybe also to get rid of some tasks, we would like to ask you to:

1. Write down your marketing campaign or program related tasks or projects (depending on what is more suitable for your job situation).

2. Then probe them with WHY. WHY are you running that project or WHY are you doing this task? Ask WHY until you come to an answer that is related to an outcome that is beneficial to your business.


If you don´t have any marketing or program related tasks, do the same with other tasks you are dealing with.

PS 1: This assignments only refers to tasks or projects that are related to things/ information you can share with others. Because there is no "private option" setting. You can either choose to share it with your course members only or with the whole iversity community (See last point in the journal entry "Permission")

PS 2: Approaching everything with "WHY?" in mind is a habit. The more often you do it, the easier it will get. : )

WHY are you doing the things you do?


In continuation of our focus to drive commercialization support by providing effective coordination and communication of new product road maps.
With the support of integrated marketing activities through launch plans that will support Product Knowledge and Brand Awareness across Regions.
Launch Book Product Information, In Channel execution (support with merchandising training), Product Training and Common Platforms, leveraging existing Global Brand Communication, Sponsorship and standards that will allow us to help people excel, unlocking their performance and helping them to become more confident and passionate so that they can pass on the prestigious experience we have to offer as a company.
By reviving the passion for Hand Tools in alignment with the company's mission, we will support the new product development that we create to what the market needs and shape the way we go to market all the way to our End Users and their needs .
Our aim is to regain our position as the worldwide leader in defined product categories and re position stronger across global markets.
Leverage sponsorship, using them to help reinforce our brand mission and reach more end users with messages that ties them to a unique experience by using our new products, with powerful campaigns and make them feel they are part of these initiatives. We also intend to use these assets to build stronger relationships with key accounts and drive sales, by developing unique ‘money can’t buy’ experiences & giveaways linked to purchase.
Our program is linked to below listed tasks :

  1. MERCHANDISING TRAINING - Combined with product training we aim to build the trust with our customers and make them feel we are supporting their efforts by providing training and product fascination while we expand our presence in stores.
  2. IN STORE ACTIVITIES - Offer Concrete solutions that will give solutions and sell out opportunities which is going to reward with value, build brand awareness and create trust and loyalty.
  3. NEW MARKETING COLLATERAL - UPGRADE EXISTING - Continue to enhance with simple and credible information that allows the end user to understand the offered specifics and realize what he has to gain out of purchasing our products.
  4. DISPLAYS & GIVE AWAY GIFTS - Offer further support with displays that create a recognition of partnership in smaller traditional retailers who don't have the space but expect to have the reinforcement that will create emotional identification. Small gifts are raise brand awareness, improves our image and build B2B relations.
  5. DIGITAL MARKETING - Will continue to create VIDEOS as we find we can get immediately the attention , giving the content specifics and can be easily shared and create "word of mouth" spread of knowledge and information. In addition , we plan on launching a Facebook page because we see it as best fit platform to reach out to a wide range of end users, create new fans and share information , images and videos that will be available at all times. It will help us interact by creating competitions and motivate more DIY enthusiasts to become passionate about our products.

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