Corporate Digital Learning

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Share Your Story! ☝

It's good for beginner's

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I'm a beginner in a digital learning process. But I can say that is a good experience because we can learn about our study matter as well as in school. The internet opens a various time and a special conditions to study and investigate about our course. In this case -Corporate Digital Learning - my first impression is that I can learn very much about this matter. Is a challenge to learn the matter of course and a challenge to grow in the matters of each units because we have a open way to learn more with a sucesses. The recommendations are a parfait way to know more and begin a new life in a task of digital corporate.
We can also share our experience with our course colleagues, comment and discuss about...


almost 3 years ago

The translation of these text, write in english, for portuguese from Brasil or África ins bad. It's a problem that wants a resolution by the plataform of Iversity. I dont write these

José Eduardo Guimarães

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