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Predictive Analytics in Commerce

Jorge Mantilla
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Car Insurance as Next Best Offer

Jorge Mantilla, 21 Aug 16

»I would choose model B, since I'm looking for a tree that has a low number of splits if possible (higher complexity parameter compared to model B) with the ability to predict accurately for di…

Model B

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Jorge Mantilla, 02 Jul 16

Smart selection of customers to sell my travel insurance product

Jorge Mantilla, 29 May 16

»Taking into account what I understood from the explanations, these are my conclusions: The model for chart A does not seem to be not very robust since both the light blue and the dark blue li…

Validate your model

Jorge Mantilla, 22 May 16

» Inspect the structure of the dataset and understand it Transform the relevant variables with several levels into dummy variables Treat the cases in which there might be missing values in you…

Data Preparation Steps

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Jorge Mantilla, 23 Apr 16