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Social housing: share your experience!

What are the criteria that your city or region follows to decide who is eligible to social housing?

Social housing criteria in Zeeland


In the province of Zeeland as in the other provinces of the Netherlands, social rental properties are cheaper rental properties that are usually owned by ‘housing corporations’ ( Woningcorporaties ) The housing corporations must allocate at least 90% of their social rental housing to their target groups with a rent of up to € 710.68

In each region of The Netherlands compliance to the national criteria for social housing from a housing corporation is obliged.

Core criteria in order to qualify for a social housing of a housing corporation are the following:
- You must register with an organization that is responsible for the distribution of social housing in your municipality.
- You often need a housing permit. You can request this from your municipality. The municipality can demand that you live, work or study in the place where you want to live. These rules differ per municipality.
- Your income may not be too high. Housing corporations must allocate at least:
80% of their vacated social rented houses annually to households with an income up to € 36,165
10% may go to households with an income between € 36,165 and € 40,349
And 10% may go to higher incomes

Urgency criteria
In case of a housing ordinance in the municipalities, the urgency criteria are in this regulation. If a municipality has no regulation, the (social) landlord can set criteria himself. Examples of urgency criteria are:
- medical indication;
- social indication (for example if your current home is too small for your family size);
- age (for example if your current home is no longer suitable or safe due to your (higher) age);
- commuting distance;
- when you leave a scarce home.

Additional criteria
- The housing corporation with whom you want to rent a house can also set requirements. For example, the level of your income or the family size.etc.

Nb Rent allowance
Housing corporations must pay extra attention to households with the lowest incomes who are entitled to rent allowance. They must be assigned an affordable house under the drainage limit that applies to them. That is why the amended Housing Act sets a standard on suitability.
Each corporation must allocate an appropriate house to at least 95% of the households entitled to housing allowance. This is a house with a calculation rent below the drainage limit.
For single and double households this is € 592.55.
For three and more person households this is € 635.05.
The standard of eligibility applies to households with an income that falls within the maximum income limits of the rent allowance. Those limits are in 2017:
€ 22,200 for single households;
€ 30,150 for multi-person households under the pensionable age;
€ 30,175 for multi-person households above the pensionable age.

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