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VIDEO vs. TEXT vs. PODCAST - What's Your Opinion? How Does it Change Your Learning and Which Do You Prefer?

So far, you were able to read or listen to the texts we have provided and occasionally watch a youtube or TEDtalk video as part of the additional material section. How did the different materials change your learning and course experience?

If you need more inspiration to answer this question, check the following TED Talks, text and TED Talk podcasts in order to decide what type of resources change your learning:

This TED Talk by Salman Khan even talks about using videos for education.
Video by TED Talk.

And here are 7 more talks about learning and MOOCs and about education in general.

Or would you rather read up on this topic? Then maybe you would prefer this article by Yaro Starak on "What Content Is Best – Audio, Video Or Text".

The NPR TED Talk Podcast interviews keynote speakers and presenters about their TED talk. You can either watch the talk or listen to it. Here are two episodes about learning for you to try out:
The first and the second one.


Think about what type of material and content suited your needs best and spiked your interest the most. Are you more #teamaudio, #teamvideo or #teamreading?
What changed your learning and your course experience?
Write down a short explanation in your journal and make sure to set the entry to public, so the course community can read and comment on it.



This multi-modal experience reminds me that I have become a distsracted learner - listening to podcasts or even watching videos while doing something else. When I read content, I must focus because I cannot read and do something else at the same time. But what gives me the greatest sense of learning is to discuss the content - however I received it - with others.


almost 3 years ago

So maybe a further area for reflection is: not video vs text vs podcast but what combination of video + text + podcast, for what types of content? Does anyone have any rules or categories for that?
Offhand I would say that text is good for theory and laying out groundwork. Video is versatile: could be used to bring in images or reporting, or to show somebody clever speaking about a topic. Podcast could be closer to radio interviews, or could cover a lecture format without supporting slides, etc.

almost 3 years ago

I think that the quizzes might be important part of all kind of learning, a question with an instant result has a big power in making of knowledge. So if I would arrange digital learning there would be a lots of question with instant result. So the learner might consider how good is he/she.

almost 3 years ago

I read for speed, I listen to podcasts for the quality of voices, and watch videos for graphics and animations or beautiful images. Podcasts, l can listen to distractedly, that's true for me too. And, I agree with you, Jocelyn, discussion is the proof that some learning is happening, when the point is worth discussing.

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