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17 Nov 2016, 01:45 PM

Victory Gardens: A Valued Proposition


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In 2009, a local food sustainable project was started to grow fresh vegetable, build community and donate to the regional food bank. It was while we invite the community to a number of events, when it was observed how little knowledge of agriculture, harvesting, cooking, and even storage was known. It gives us the idea of starting a teaching & demonstration garden. The victory garden, is much loved by the project leader already, so in order to address the many paths of knowledge, it was chosen as a model.

- Teaching & demonstration Gardens;
- Erected 18' x 72' greenhouse with solar panels;
- Install fans for temperature regulation;
- Irrigation system;
- Created pathways using woodchips; and
- Built chicken coop.

In development:
- Beehives;
- Relaxation area;
- Monitoring system;
- Pollinator Garden;
- Market Garden

The victory garden started in Britain as the 'DigIn Campaign' to engage local residents to grow food and become resilient.

Of special note: the cost to date of the above project $6725.36 which includes the cost of the greenhouse. How? By trading and exchanging services, equipment and skills.

Value Creation & Proposition
To develop a global victory garden network for sharing knowledge for healthy collaborative lifestyles.

The Victory Garden Toolkit incorporates the Weconomy 7 Principles. It will assist people to:

  • design a victory garden for their needs;
  • use the non-edibles to make compost, art and handmade paper;
  • harvesting, canning/preserving, storing;
  • save seeds;
  • sell, trade, share food & services;
  • use of technology;

The Toolkit is being written as a guide for creating a victory garden, and as a companion to the Victory Garden Institute, a community university.

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