Corporate Digital Learning

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Share Your Story! ☝

My digital learning experiences


Listening to e-books about law-cases on my way home from the university made it possible to use this otherwise useless time and to add a different type of learning to my usual. scedule and thus to remember more of the content.

I got different official certificates by taking intensive online courses.

Consentrating on my e-book wasn't always in the subway.

Sometimes I had technical problems while taking my online courses which took much time to solve so that I missed part of the course.

I met people in the online courses, that I otherwise never had met.

I like learning on my own pace (for example taking this mook now, after the "official" period is over)
What I didn't like about the online courses, is that I couldn't talk in person to my classmates or to the teacher.

Combining different formats helps remembering more.
Try different types of digital learning to find the best for every time of the day. (On my way to work I often read - after work I like watching videos)

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