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31 Jan 2018, 10:45 AM
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Explore the Open Data platform

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1. On the ESIF thematic page for the "low carbon economy" which Member State has the highest planned % allocation?
2. On the ERDF page what is the aggregate planned target for "Firms: Start-ups"?
3. On the country page for Poland how many Interreg Cross border programmes does Poland participate in?
4. For Romania which is the largest of all the ESIF programmes in EUR total cost?

Excercise 3.4.


Question 1 - Poland

Question 2 - 152,589

Question 3 - 4 Interreg Cross-Border Programs

Question 4 - ERDF - €13,254,246,821


about 1 year ago

3/4 good job. the last one is Large Infrastructure Programme - ERDF/CF = 11.88 billion total cost

about 1 year ago

Thank you for your comments. On Question number one, which is the correct answer: Poland or Luxembourg? I have seen replies that you stated that Luxembourg is correct ! From the horizontal bar chart from the open data portal, Poland has the highest percentage of EU allocated funds on Low Carbon Economy.

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