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Create a journal entry: Where ist the CCAA heading?

Journal Assignment

After learning about the CCAA and its eventful history, in which direction do you see the award heading and why?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Where is the CCAA heading?

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Tracing back to massive development that took place. I think it is safe to assume that kind of changes was the result of people who had been taken side on efficient program that resulted on awakening of appreciation of Chinese Art. People start to realize that art inside China revolve around the political arena that encompasses a massive movement called contemporary art thats taking place. With this type of improvements art conscious people will have a freedom to navigate on unchartered territories given that it had a good chance to be known internationally but domestically it needs guidance under just system.Culture flourish if we give them a chance to support its changes without criticisings its limited scope giving people outside China to join this large scale event.


over 2 years ago

Dear Jezreel Caimor
Supporting art and thus giving it a chance to flourish is definitely an important step towards a better understanding of culture.
But I think we have to be careful to see art not just from a political point of view. Chinese art is not just addressing political issues or problems, but is dealing with a range of topics any society has to deal with. Especially nowadays, the spectrum of topics Chinese artists are addressing and the different types of media they are using in their work cover the whole range of any modern society.

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