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Create a journal entry: Define your goals


Please note in your journal what drives you to take part in the online course Chinese Contemporary Art Award and what goals you want to achieve with the course.

Defining my goals for course

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I am a freelance journalist and copywriter with a deep interest in contemporary art. I have no formal art history training. However, I seize opportunities to do short courses like these from reputable institutions that will give me a better grasp of how contemporary art works and what it is about.

I hope the course will introduce me to Chinese contemporary art, in the first instance, since I am not familiar with it. Secondly, I hope to become familiar with the major players and themes of Chinese contemporary art. Thirdly, I hope to understand the context and learn something of the techniques involved in the creation of Chinese contemporary art. Finally, I hope to learn enough to be able to advance my goal of becoming an art market copywriter.


over 1 year ago

The above defines my goals.

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