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Create a journal entry: CCAA as a research tool


How can the CCAA be understood as a research tool?

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
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CCAA as a research tool


I think the CCAA can be used as a research tool to pursue various strands of research

One obvious strand of research is that of the subject matter and style of Chinese contemporary art and how it has changed from the 1970s to the early 2000s. As well as identifying the leading artists of that era.

A second strand is the growth in the visibility of Chinese contemporary art internationally and the ways that was achieved and the extent to which it has become internationally known and respected. For instance, a look at the art exhibitions to which Chinese contemporary art was invited and the prestigious museums worldwide where it has been displayed. It was interesting to note that half a million Brazilians went to see the contemporary Chinese art exhibition there. The fact that a Chinese contemporary artist won the first prize at the Venice Biennial in 1999 also shows how much acceptance of this art form has grown.

A third strand is the change in prices for Chinese contemporary art over the years, to the extent that Mr. Sigg no longer attempts to collect art by the major artists.

A fourth research strand would be the networks developed across the Chinese contemporary art world in which Mr. Sigg and CCAA played a central role, and how these networks served to promote Chinese contemporary art. The CCAA serves as an instructive case study for other emerging countries with regard to how to use networking to extend the reach of their own contemporary art scene.

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