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»By continuing on with research and excavating sites we in the twenty-first century are contributing to finding out more answers. It is important that we are able to find out more each time som…

21st century Stonehenge

Ms Janet Makings, 16 May 17

»I can't see that the culture is influencing British people today. But in the past it has influenced buildings like those we were shown in Bath. Which I will definitely go to see. But music etc…

British culture influenced by Stonehenge

Ms Janet Makings, 16 May 17

»I don't know if it can be called working in the shadow, what Geoffrey of Monmouth says should be taken into consideration, but after reading so much on Stonehenge and learning so much then to …

stonehenge archaeologists and geoffrey of Monmouth

Ms Janet Makings, 10 May 17