Workers' Rights in a Global Economy

05 Mar 2016, 04:28 PM

Notes from 'The concept of Global Workers Rights and the History of the ILO' video


Global Workers Rights – dignity and respect established as legal rights to protect working people.

ILO sets internationally recognised workers’ rights through global agreement.

1998 – Declaration on Fundamental Principles of Workers’ Rights at Work (1998). Calls for:

• the Guarantee and Promotion of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining (collective bargaining or sometimes called union recognition).

And the elimination of

• Child labour
• Forced Labour
• Discrimination

Also work must have:

• Minimum living wage
• Social security
• Health and Safety

All of these create some basic rights and standards for workers globally. They are global so as to commit to moral principle of Justice and Humanity. Social Justice promotes stability and peace through shared prosperity.

Also to prevent the global ‘race to the bottom’.

Class conflict to class cooperation.

Vision of ILO was to limit economic and political power of private capital and promote fairer global society and collectivism – organised labour.
However the ILO have fell short of realising expectations set in 1919..

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