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what is life?

Line is one of the simplest and most basic aspects of art, but it can also contain a lot of emotion. Use lines to demonstrate visually how you're feeling....

Art example: Each Line One Breath,

simple lines can say so much


In my previous works I always noticed that I put a lot of work in getting things "in line". I think it's because when we have a picture in mind, most of the time it's from looking straight at it, as if we were standing in front of the subject. What kind of lines are shown (like what material, in what direction, whats the fore- and background etc.) is depending on the subject, but it always helped me to tell a visual story or get the shot clean, so hopefully everyone see's the atmosphere or feeling I want to show them.

Example: Lines that show demarcation, which I think is a thing typical for a big city, like Berlin where I live. I can use those lines to amplify this feeling:




the message is clear, I didn't want an element in there that takes away from the message or feeling I want to give.

But no matter what subject, I use lines to show a subject, like the discrepancies between nature and the world we created around it and how it's been treated:



or even how sexy lines can be:

Lately, I spent a day in hospital and there was nothing I could do but just look around the room, and I didn't have a camera with me, so I just shot crappy phone-pictures, but I noticed I followed the sun the day to watch the lines the light and shadows are creating and then I changed the angle etc and it was so much fun to see how a difference every single line makes. The picutres aren't as good as I wished but here's an example on how I can use lines to get a taste of sterile atmosphere hospitals create:






In my opinion, getting the lines or texture of a thing you want to show and then getting it in the right light, position etc, makes it interesting.
And I notice I always find myself walking around and looking for lines everywhere I go, I watch how they change when I move the angle or go back a bit, I think this is very interesting and you can work a lot with the lines provided everywhere around, even in the smallest things in the house:

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