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Life and Death


Life is time - relatively to where you are in life. I tried to show the relativety of life and death with nature. So I did a timelapse-shoot of different roses that I frosted and then thawed, making a time-lapse of the re-froze of the roses. The graphic elements should show the time that is flying while we are living, but also the retrospective when you look back at your life.

See the result here:

Shot with a camera (about every 4 seconds one image), then put together in Adobe After Effects along with the 3D-Animations which I rendered before in Maxon Cinema 4D

Also, I thought this image (of 2 images put together) was fitting the topic life and death really good. Because you can just see the reflection of the object itselt, you are not really sure how it looks like.

reflection on life itself

It is similar with remembering lost ones: you are looking at the reflection of the image you have in your mind, but will never be able to see the person ever again, the image gets blurrier as time flies by, and eventually, you will just be the reflection in someone's mind until you're gone forever.

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