Corporate Digital Learning

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Share Your Story! ☝

My (corporate) digital learning experiences!


I participated already eight different MOOC courses with focus on business development, technology, psychology as well as soft skills. I finished four of them successfully. It was great. What I enjoyed most was the discourse with other students on international level.

I am self-employed and digital learning, so it is the best way for me to build up competencies in different areas - well-structure, time-efficient and at the state of art.

However, digital learning is challenging:
- You need time, you really need time!
- You have to get into the given structures and formats - get an orientation on the functionalities and learning paths.

My recommendation for the design of a corporate digital learning environment is to focus on the user, to make any course as easy and entertaining to participate. The onboarding process is highly important for the success of the digital learning program. Create a great learning experience!


over 2 years ago

I just enrolled, so this is interesting information. The first thing I'm looking for now, is how much time does every chapter take? I did not found it yet. This seems important to plan the activities and learning. Therefor the 'onboarding process' has just started :-)

May I ask you: you mention 'to make any course as easy and entertaining to participate' = How do you see this in reality 1/ easy = what does this mean to you ?
2/ entertaining = what is entertaining for you ?
3/ participating = how do you see this to happen?

I'm much interested in this, because I help build this in reality, and other ideas are always inspiring. So can I ask you your ideas?
thx, Ann

over 2 years ago

It is a pitty no one commented on this ...

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