Climate Change and Health

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Climate Change policy

According to you, which health impact due to climate change should be prioritized on the United Nations agenda?

Climate Change Policy


The Nationalisation of Water supplies and sewage disposal, for most parts of the World. I still can't stand (and believe) that accessing Coca-Cola is easier and cheaper than water in many parts of the world.

The creation of a really binding agreement to STOP using fossil fuels and promoting the use of renewable Energies, but as an obbligation for all governments, not like mine in Spain, that penalizes us if we want to be self-sufficient, becase they are totally bribed by the Energy Companies)

The reforestation of soooooooooo many areas....

promoting RESILIENCE, and the respect to Nature. (This is the first thing!) Seriously. Beginning by schools (and using appropiately the power of advertisments and TV....)

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