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»I have just reread my Objectives and my apologies to Mr Sigg as I referred to him as Mr Stigg in that first journal. I stated I would like to understand the Chinese more through an investigat…

Reflecting on Objectives

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Irmgard Marshall, 29 May 16

»I have just finished watching Ai Wei Wei - Never Sorry, a must see for those interested in Chinese Contemporary Art. For me it highlighted the schizophrenic attitude the Chinese government has…

Where is the CCAA heading?

Irmgard Marshall, 19 May 16

»Advances and changes in technology have accelerated all facets of life world wide. In the past 15 years China has been at the forefront of change, social as well as technological. The death o…

Development of the Unknown Artist

Irmgard Marshall, 10 May 16

»It is fascinating to see and learn about an inspired collections birth. As we travel and view collection from previous centuries we know little of the collectors motivations often assuming it …

Collections as a historical reference.

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Irmgard Marshall, 01 May 16

»I believe the engagement we now have with CCA is with art from a very worldly and affluent society, in some ways more open than those we describe as democratic. It does not reflect the strugg…

Engaging with art

Irmgard Marshall, 24 Apr 16

»I am a photographer and film maker and I work in New Zealand as a volunteer for an organisation that attempts to assist developing societies world wide to keep their culture alive though craft…

Global Culture

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Irmgard Marshall, 19 Apr 16

»I am an Australian living in New Zealand. During the past 6 months that I have begun to have daily personal contact with a range of Chinese peoples. I doubt many of them are artist but like Ul…

Understanding the inscrutable

Irmgard Marshall, 19 Apr 16