Corporate Digital Learning

03 Mar 2016, 09:03 PM

Successes/ challenges/ learnings/ recommendations


Am a university academic staff member and my interest lies in finding ways how to add efficiency, value - and fun - to on-site studies at university through digital learning elements offered to full-time students, which I have been doing for quite a while. Also, possibly, to life-long learners, which I have not tried yet.
Success: feeling inspired and inspiring students - at least some :) through trying something new, adapting to the new developments and changeable situation. E.g., (1) nearly all easily measurable learning/content, i.e., technicalities, are tested digitally - students learn at their own pace, the computer 'does' the grading of a part of student assignments, instant feedback - nothing brand new but not many colleagues of mine in the translation program do that. (2) video and audio tasks - access to some worthy lectures (frequently by top professors from some top universities in the world), also case studies and develop some tasks/ set assignments - traditional or digital.
Challenges: preparing the material time-consuming; not an expert in the IT field, but do not want to depend on anybody's willingness or unwillingness to invest time and energy. Sporadic episodes, no common organizational policy, am afraid, despite the loud slogans - we're moving to digital learning opportunities.
Learnings: have learned that need and want to learn the basics myself; not easy to change the traditional thinking and approaches of others, so basically have been relying upon myself and my knowledge
Recommendations: am not sure am qualified to give any, if only feel like reminding that need and feeling dictate our behaviour (as maintained by Piaget).
I need and want to learn better ways of integrating digital learning in full-time programs.

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