20 Dec 2017, 01:53 PM
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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Stonehenge in Context


At one time, most of us probably thought of Stonehenge as just the stone circle, which I remember as being visible from the road, when I first saw it over 50 years ago. Perhaps the more informed were aware of its context, but I think mine was the popular view. Many of us are now aware of the theories which put Stonehenge as part of a much broader context. There have been several television documentaries on some of the more modern hypotheses, particularly showcasing the work of the team led by Mike Parker Pearson, which has tried to link together Stonehenge, Durrington Walls, the river etc., and see Stonehenge as a place where members of elite families were buried; this was well before the stones were erected. It later became a site for massive communal feasts which drew together people from all over the country.

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