22 Dec 2017, 11:11 AM
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Chapter 3 Journal Activity

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Shadow of Geoffrey of Monmouth?


I don't feel as if Geoffrey of Monmouth's fanciful thoughts on the origins of Stonehenge in any way influence the work of modern archaeologists. What is true is that however much we find about Stonehenge from modern archaeological methods, we will never be able to prove how or why the monument was erected, or how the stones were transported.

All sorts of hypotheses will be advanced, some more plausible than others, and the best we will be able to say is whether they are consistent with the evidence, not whether we can prove them to be correct.

What it might be fairer to say is that the general public labour under the shadow of William Stukeley. His thoughts on the Druids and their involvement in Stonehenge still largely shape public perceptions of the monument.

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