Corporate Digital Learning

10 Mar 2016, 02:36 PM
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Share Your Story! ☝

Online Learning is profound for employees' reeducation


I am an employee working at a outdoor sports company. due to my job property, I have to travel from time to time, so I can't entry on-site training class which schedule is fixed all the time. However, I find a way that is applicable to me for learning something during my private time . I've been learning English online for 2 years. and been gaining a lot of from it. even though, my English is still not good. I can make online studying whenever I want, I can even learn English through my mobile phone, what benefit me more is about reviewing the lessons anytime. Indeed, I'd also faced some obstruction, at first time, it's hard to persist as learning online is quite tedious, lonely, isolated, not much interaction. while I was frustrated, there was something turn to a corner. the program was updated into a new version, in the lesson, there are some more interactions, less passive to absorb the knowledge, I am not a street beggar anymore, just stand still, and waiting for charity. I can also play something in return. That make me much more interesting. I think this is the advantage that software can customize based on customers needs. sometimes, programs can be as smart as mankind.

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