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»This was my first time to attend an online course on a subject which has nothing to do with my former profession. I really liked it. The course content, the additional material and the videos …

final review

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Hans Zuberbühler, 24 May 16

»Mr Sigg has been researching Chinese contemporary art by collecting artistic works and establishing the CCAA. Donating the major part of his art collection to the M+ museum in Hong Kong, Mr Si…

Where is the CCAA heading?

Hans Zuberbühler, 17 May 16

»In the early years the CCAA seemed to act in the underground - as did the artists dealing with contemporary art. Among these artists the CCAA was known by mouth-to-mouth propaganda, they had t…

how to find the Unknown Artist

Hans Zuberbühler, 12 May 16

»When I want to know how the CCAA can be understood as a research tool, I first have to answer some questions concerning the CCAA (as: Which artists participate? What kind of artistic works are…

CCAA as a research tool

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Hans Zuberbühler, 09 May 16

»For me engaging with Chinese art is a sensual approach to Chinese society. I consider this approach a kind of door opener to Chinese society. Being touched by an artistic work arouses my inter…

art as a door opener

Hans Zuberbühler, 25 Apr 16

»I am a retired Swiss family doctor, I have been living in Switzerland all my life. During my working life there was an increasing number of foreign people among my patients, so I had to deal w…

global culture in my everyday life

Hans Zuberbühler, 18 Apr 16