Thinking Complexity

12 Jun 2016, 06:01 PM
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Chart how a key variable has changed over time

This exercise will help you practice identifying a complex situation from news items. it involves drawing how something has changed over time.

The following online news story describes a recent road security campaign on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Your task is to identify the key variable and draw how it has changed over a relevant time period.

Hint: you can follow the steps in the document entitled "Spotting complexity in the news" in the additional materials.

A possible solution is available for download in the references section.

Key Variable in the road security on Malta


According to the link, Malta had successfully reduce road fatalities by 27% in the last five year.

The variable attribute to this success is education. The home affair minister had mention that they had implementing road safety education on both children and adults. As for adults, they are focusing on elderly, since significant portion of Malta licensed drivers are aged above 65.

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