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»To try to catch up with a society and its culture this rapidly changing AND to build on a nationwide serious art-award at the same time seems impossible to me. To institutionalize the CCAA and…

Zen in Art :-)

gyanda jung, 13 May 16

»To find unknown artists, the CCAA first trusted in that artists would get to know about the prize and apply. Then they found out that even to fill out an application form can be difficult and…

Finding unknown artists is not so easy as one might think...

gyanda jung, 05 May 16

»"Klüngel" is a word in the cologne dialect. It means that people, who know each other do work together as a natural outcome of their connection with each other - it is a friendly meant word to…

"Klüngel can be good!!!"

gyanda jung, 30 Apr 16

»Reading on this subject here with the material the course provides was very interesting for me. I had no idea about the recent developments in chinese society and it was so fascinating to look…

getting aquainted with chinese society

gyanda jung, 25 Apr 16

»To me, most "global culture" is american "culture" and as a european i am very sorry that it overrides every european tradition and culture. So many important cultural history is being deleted…

Global Culture

gyanda jung, 17 Apr 16

»I am doing pr for painting artists in the field of minimalism. Some of the artists i know have already had exhibitions in china, which is one reason why i want to learn more about the cultural…

To Gain Knowledge

gyanda jung, 16 Apr 16