Workers' Rights in a Global Economy

Standards and the Ironies of U.S. Law & Practice


The idea of international adoption of ILO conventions runs headlong into the irony, if not hypocrisy, of how some of the standards are legislated and implemented in the USA.

It is quite striking to hear about the work of domestic workers organizing in the Dominican Republic, while there is virtually none of this work, nor enforcement of standards for this kind of work today in the USA.

It is also quite telling to see how steadily union density has declined in the USA which corresponds quite clearly to the falling purchasing power of the minimum wage, unenforced work safety policies, lack of actual full time employment, elimination of a significant portion of pension options
and more. I found it was also quite clear in review of the USA delegation to the 2015 ILP Conference, that the number of worker representatives seemed quite small.

Some eye opening and thought provoking material that requires further

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