Digital Transformation I: An Introduction

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Reflect on Your Learnings

At the end of this chapter, you should now:
- have set aside some time for regular learning sessions in your calendar
- have listed your expectations for this course
- have set your goals for this course
- have organized a learning group with your peers.
If any of the above learning objectives is still missing, take care of it before you move on.
You won't get any benefit from this course otherwise!

Now that you have had a first impression of the topic, it's time to reflect on what you have learned so far. We encourage you to keep a learning journal and take notes of your thoughts and learnings after each section. You can do it within the journal here on iversity or take personal notes somewhere else.

Also, please take the time to give us some feedback on this MVP at the end of each chapter.
- What do you like / dislike about this learning platform?
- What do you think of the structure?
- What do you think of the content?
- What do you think about the assignments?

Use the discussion forum to give us some feedback.

Graham Hudson - Chapter one


We are setting up a peer group including all members of the BD team to share the journey.

My expectations/goals for the course:-

  1. Understand different types of digital ideas that will help KMUK connect with it's customers/supplier/employees.
  2. Learn how to evaluate digital solutions for business processes.
  3. Gain a greater knowledge of the opportunities current and in the future that could help KMUK be leaders in the digital world.

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