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An interest-based approach


I should probably begin stating that this is actually the first online course I´m seriously commited to finish.

It is not that I haven´t ever used online tools to learn something new or to keep myself updated, but this is the first time I have found a course that actually addresses my specific and current professional needs.

From my short experience, an interest-based approach is absolutely relevant to successfully use that tools online learning provide us with. Is there any other way to deal with adult learning that is not by addressing their actual interests or needs?

At this point, at least for me, the biggest challenge in the context of corporate digital learning is how to align a corporate strategy with the specific needs of its many employees. In one hand, companies need to strenghten their capabilities and deliver its strategy by training people in each work position. In the other hand, companies may find a wide-range of interests in their employees, being this the actual driver for any onlne training outcome.

Training needs from the corporative point of view are about the present: how to best develop employees´ capabilities to build a competitive advantage. Training needs from the employee point of view is about the future: what to learn to achieve success in my current job and, at the same time, to open more opportunities for the future.

Finishing this first unit, rather than learning or recommendations, the thing that strikes me the most is a still opened question: how to effectively draw a strategy to balance both company´s and employee´s needs.

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