Climate Change and Health

22 Feb 2016, 07:11 PM
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Climate Change policy

According to you, which health impact due to climate change should be prioritized on the United Nations agenda?

Top priority of the United Nations agenda with respect to the Health Impacts of Climate Change


I am of the calculated opinion that childhood malnutrition especially under-nutrition should be given topmost priority by the United Nation agenda consequent upon the fact that, with the world population predicted to touch 9 billion by 2015, which will then add an estimated 25 million more people to the global burden of childhood under-nutrition to the already existing burden of over 800 million children in 2014, the need to direct efforts, policies and resources to curbing the threat of under-nutrition cannot be overemphasized . More so, with 70 percent of this number constituted by low and mid income countries of sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia, complicated also by the fact that these regions are lacking in the requisite technology to withstand and overcome the menace, we may be set to witness a dearth in these regions amounting to a public health emergency should we treat the matter with kid gloves.

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