Climate Change and Health

Godwin Mark
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»1a, Stop cooking with fire-wood, saw-dust and stove 1b, Tend a garden at the backyard 2a, Start cooking with microwave and gas-cooker 2b, Exercise more, avoid passive smoking as practicably p…


Godwin Mark, 26 Feb 16

»I am of the calculated opinion that childhood malnutrition especially under-nutrition should be given topmost priority by the United Nation agenda consequent upon the fact that, with the world…

Top priority of the United Nations agenda with respect to the Health Impacts of Climate Change

Godwin Mark, 22 Feb 16

»The alterations occurring in the average weather conditions globally in juxtaposition to the average weather conditions in past years and its direct impact on the environment with respect to i…

What is climate change

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Godwin Mark, 08 Feb 16

»Climate changes, should it continue will have far reaching consequences on health by its direct/indirect impact on our biosphere; alterations in our atmospheric gases will forcce life forms, m…

Climate change and Health

Godwin Mark, 08 Feb 16