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»Good information for reflection,

Chapter 5

Gayle Holt, 14 Mar 17

»Call me bad, but I wasn't interested in this chapter at all.

Chapter 4 Journal Entry

Gayle Holt, 12 Mar 17

»Geoffrey of Mommouth certainly left his mark. So many of his conclusions are popular beliefs today. I did find this chapter too short for my taste. It left me still hungry for more informatio…

Journal Activity Chapter 3

Gayle Holt, 09 Mar 17

»Too many questions and not enough answers. I suppose more answers will come in later chapters. The Idea of a place of totemic value appeals to me. Perhaps a place to journey to on special occa…

Chapter 2 Activity

Gayle Holt, 03 Mar 17

»I think I may never be satisfied with the information available about these people. What was a typical day like for a new bride?

Life in the Neolithic

Gayle Holt, 01 Mar 17

»Fascinating area. I don't think i have ancestors from there, but my husband does. It seems that this whole area tells a story through time. What Would it be worth to visit with someone from ea…

Chapter 1 Activity

Gayle Holt, 28 Feb 17